Seed Planted 4

Learn about anything I want? Really?
Okay, I want to learn to draw. What 10-year-old little girl wouldn’t?

The next week the special program instructor arrived with an art book. I was ecstatic. I poured myself into the lessons. I shared every step with my favorite teacher. She told me the parts she liked the best. She arranged for the program instructor to take me to an art museum. At the encouragement of my teacher, samples of my artwork were given to the curator. The next week the special program instructor returned to my school with her interpretation of what the art expert thought of my work. I was so excited, Grandpa would be so proud.

The program instructor began slowly, without a smile, “You should focus on math and science. You are good at math and science. There is no future for you in art.”
As she began to list deficiencies in my drawings, my face grew hot, the room turned gray as all color left my view. I could no longer hear. When I was alone and no one was looking, I cried.

I never told Grandpa.

Seed planted.

My art at 10 years old.

9 thoughts on “Seed Planted 4

  1. Omg, I wanted to cry when I read this. How dare someone try and destroy a child’s enthusiasm and joy for something they love. By the way your drawing at 10 were pretty darn good.


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  3. so encouraging to read Mary! To think we allow so called, “experts” to rob us of our gifts………… just shows us who we shouldn’t and should be listeing to………………..that still small voice!


  4. This post really resonates with me. I felt so sad reading it. It brought up all the feelings I had when I wasn’t allowed to do year 12 art because my father said I wasn’t talented enough. I still cringe whenever I post some of my art on my blog. Always that little voice saying you’re not quite good enough. I am so happy that you are now doing what makes you happy.


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