Our Littlest Heroes

I would like to introduce you to Horses for Heroes. This organization does wonderful work for those who serve; be they firefighters, police officers, military or other public service personnel putting their lives on the line for us.

The littlest heroes, the children of these men and women, also benefit from the healing and therapeutic power of horses.

© 2012 Mary Livingston
Photo reference provided by Lightly Spiced Photography by A. Adams

37 thoughts on “Our Littlest Heroes

  1. The finished painting is amazing. You did such an awesome job. The little boy and the horse together just pull at your heart. Fantastic


  2. This is a powerful painting! Horses and kids can make a beautiful bond. And what a great organization. Many years ago My Mom Person was involved with a similar organization using horses to help people with various disabilities. We donated a horse to them. That was sure a special horse. Thanks for sharing this picture.


  3. This is a beautiful painting. It’s clear that more than paint, water, and paper went in to producing such a moving piece of artwork; there is heart, determination, and noteworthy talent behind it. The emotions I feel looking at this painting you have created is a bit of a shock for me and I am very excited to see more of your work! 😀


  4. Wow, this makes me want to play with color, because you use it so well! You sure did capture the “inside” picture of the two, the emotions, and that’s really really hard to do. Awesome painting


  5. I just love this painting…. I was trying to do watercolour today, and I am just so bad at it…I referred to your watercolours to see how perfectly finished they are….


      • Thank you so much…I was trying to find a community like that… :)..I will go through it and pick up some watercolor skills…But one’s definitely got to have a steady, patient hand for watercolor i’m sure…. Also I wanted to find out from Tim and you if I can have the permission to try and draw the cute photo of Blaze with your other pet (name I don’t know)…in one of the retriever photos….


        • Yes, you have our permission, we just ask that you acknowledge the dog as ours if you post it publicly. If you are using a specific photo, just give reference photo credit as I did for this one. Linking back to the blogs would be nice, we might even want to reblog it!
          let us know if you need names. I think the photo you are looking at is Blaze and Hunter, taken by Tim?

          And, thank you so much for asking. We look forward to seeing your creation.


          • Sure, very kind… 🙂 Thank you so much…Will show you how it turns out soon, though you should excuse before in hand that it will not match up to the beautiful picture…:)….(Will reference as suggested…I am more than happy to)….Thanks for the names too…


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