By Candlelight

Power outage at our place. Happens every now and then, just a fact of life when living in a rural area. So out with the candles and lanterns. I just loved power outages as a kid, board games and ghost stories were sure to follow. But today, when the outage occurred I was painting a cover for a children’s picture book. The candles and lanterns did not cast enough light to paint, not a book cover anyway.

I decided to start a piece that’s been on my mind for a while. It was moving along nicely in the glow of the candlelight. Then it was time for fresh water. No water. We are on a well. No electricity = no water. I began plotting for water. Would it be decadent to paint with bottled water? Would the water in the pond be too muddy from the rains? Perhaps some water out of a downspout?

In the midst of plotting for a water source, Tim arrived and we discussed setting up the generator. He did get a little one out of our RV up for lights. Then voila…the power company had the main electricity back on. Isn’t that how it goes?

Work in progress being painted by candlelight.

Here is the ‘by candlelight’ work in progress. I may have to finish it by candlelight. For now, back to the book cover.

22 thoughts on “By Candlelight

    • This photo is with naked lens NO effects applied. It IS real light from the candle, no other light source, no digital trickery.I save my creativity for the brush.

      This is not the cover, this is what I started while the power was off. I don’t have permission from the publisher to share the picture book cover – not yet, anyway.


        • ha, ha, lol, okay, I’ll remove my foot from my mouth…I am often asked what “effect” I use for photos. Funny, though, as a retired photographer “real” light is the existing ambient light in the room. The rest, supplied with bulbs etc. is called artificial.
          Glad you like it. Reading your blog, I think you will like the post that goes with the candlelight piece. 🙂


  1. Love your story! My last house (on the next street over) lost power every time there was an idea of lightening, also on a well. When I heard thunder I unplugged the computer and lit the candles. Bravo for continuing your illustration!


  2. Boy, do we know this one as well! Being rural, we are usually the last to get power, get plowed out, and last to receive latest technology.(that last one, we have to go out & seek, to make it happen) One of my greatest finds this summer was candle holders that we could actually carry around.(it’s the little things)


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  4. I used to love power outages when I was a kid also. I would hide some place and when one of my three sisters came by, I would give them a rousing Boo!


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