Night Visitor

Early in the night, just after dark, a raccoon visited the turkey vulture nest tree. It climbed up the backside and over the top. Paused a moment at the cavity opening, then was on its way. I worried when I first saw the intruder, a nest raider for sure. I wondered if the vulture eggs would be safe down inside the tree cavity? Will this night bandit be back?
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32 thoughts on “Night Visitor

  1. You are good at this. Has me laughing! A very long time ago, when I was young, my Father attempted to take nighttime photos of the raccoons taking the lids off our garbage cans. He was not a very good photographer. He thought the porch light would be enough lite for a photo. Not!!! He would have liked seeing these that you have taken. 🙂


  2. Very cool!
    Coincidentally… I’m awaiting the arrival of a new camera… yes, a trail cam!
    I saw a first turkey vulture here on Monday.


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