Vulture Chicks – 3 weeks

The turkey vulture chicks are about 3 weeks old. I was amazed at the lack of odor from the nest cavity opening. Previously, when a parent was in the nest, the smell was malodorous. This time, however, with only the chicks, I was shocked at the lack of stench when capturing this image. Curious because it looks like it should smell bad.

Turkey Vutlure Chicks

Turkey Vulture chicks at about 3 weeks old.

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38 thoughts on “Vulture Chicks – 3 weeks

    • It is purely paparazzi style. I preset the focus for 14 feet, preset camera exposure, adjust the settings on the flash, hold it over the hole and shoot in the direction of the bottom. Takes me back to old school days, where we set everything on our cameras. 😉


    • The vultures have been nesting here since before we built our home in 1994. We did not discover their nest until 2006, and then it was by accident. We saw the fledglings, branching. It was a few more years until we figured out this was a nesting site.
      I have yet to witness in person the adults leaving or entering the nest. All of the video has been remotely controlled.


  1. Wonderful photos!!!!!!! What a treat to see these amazing creatures in such an intimate way. TV’s are such social creatures, and are unique in so many ways – I am fascinated by them. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Thankyou for posting this. They are so fuzzy and cute with those big beaks capturing attention. Maybe the lack of smell is oneo f those Mother Nature things so predators are not drawn to the scene of the baby chicks left alone?


  3. Gosh another 7 weeks … they will be some size by then ! I guess they are stretching and growing away ready to make that journey UPWARDS 🙂


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  7. Thanks for liking my post about vultures. You are much more enamored of them than I am. 😉
    If my vultures pooped elsewhere, I’d be fine with them, too. We all have our job to do in this world — and the chicks are remarkable. Thanks for the peek into their world.


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