Turkey Vulture Chick Debut

I have been reviewing the video recording from the vulture nest cam. WOW!
This eight week old turkey vulture chick makes the long climb out of the nesting cavity. The hollow of this oak tree is 14 feet deep. The second chick makes its appearance the next day, it will take some time for me to pull the footage. When I get it done, I will post it here.
This is like watching a baby take tentative steps. Bliss.

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12 thoughts on “Turkey Vulture Chick Debut

  1. I know nothing about these, so was amazed to see how large its wings are at this age! It must either be a very capacious nest cavity or a tight squeeze these days. Did the chick go back inside?


  2. Oh Wow!! It used its beak to climb! And i wonder what it thought of what it was seeing? Was it looking for mom? Or enjoying the view? Or thinking Oh My! Where am I? And what about the one left below? Did this one fly or go back down? Can’t wait to see more!


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  6. I am a vulture researcher and would like to talk or email with you, about your observations and maybe see more of the uncut footage.


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