First Flight Soon

The young turkey vultures are fledglings now. Each day they hop up on branches, stretch and flap their wings. I promise some more videos, they have been so active I have a lot of video feed to sift through.

A few shots to hold you over…

Turkey Vulture 9 weeks.

The fledglings are about 9.5 weeks now. They stretch their wings often. The downy white is almost all gone. At this age, they have more black in their dark brown than their parents.

Turkey Vulture

The turkey vulture siblings spend a large part of their day out of the nest cavity.

19 thoughts on “First Flight Soon

  1. Do you know if the adults reuse the same nest each year? I know that screech owls will use the same nest over again if possilble. But I haven’t attempted to learn that much about other cavity nesting birds. I just know that the available sites for cavity nesters is slim. I think that vutures will nest on ledges or any source that appears isolated/suitable. I have just given myself questions to go look up. 🙂


  2. This is so cool, I’ve really enjoyed this series. Beautiful photography in this set – can’t wait until you tell they are off feeling the breeze and riding air waves! Happy Summer to you ~


    • Nope – I will have more time to create and paint! Didn’t miss the people ones when they left the nest either.
      I will see them soar high, and besides, who would want to live in a hole this long…time to leave the nest. 🙂


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