Percy Wins Book Award!

Gold Medal Inspiration and Motivation Author: Patricia Schetter Illustrator: Mary A Livingston Educational Contributor: Kandis Lighthall Publisher: ABTA Products and Publications

Gold Medal
Inspiration and Motivation

I can’t even begin to say how excited I am. The more I worked on the art for this book, the more I fell in love with little Percy. It was the first picture book I illustrated, and I feel so blessed to be a part of its making. I worked with two wonderful women, Patricia Schetter, the author and Kandis Lighthall, the educational contributor from ABTA Publications and Products. My illustration group from Make Your Splashes – Make Your Marks was invaluable for critiques and points of illustration wisdom. And of course my wonderful Tim (The Forester Artist) is always encouraging. I just can’t stop smiling!

The ABTA Publications and Products children’s picture book, Percy Learns to Fly, has been awarded the 2013 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award for outstanding contributions to children’s literature. A Gold Medal was awarded in Lifestyle: Motivation and Inspiration category.

Author: Patricia Schetter, M.A., B.C.B.A., Woodland, CA
Illustrator: Mary A Livingston (ME :D) Anderson, CA
Educational Contributor: Kandis Lighthall, Redding, CA

Percy Learns to Fly tells a heartwarming story by Patricia Schetter of fitting in while being different. Everyone can see Percy is different. He tries hard to fit in with his friends and do well in school. Join Percy in this heart-warming tale with moments of disappointment, excitement and joy as Percy Learns to Fly.

A page from Percy Learns to Fly

A page from Percy Learns to Fly

Includes an exceptional Teacher and Parent section with resources.

Hardback ISBN 978-0-9844660-1-6
Paperback ISBN 978-0-9844660-2-3

Here are a couple of websites with the book:
ABTA Publications and Products

also at (discount for the Red Tail site is code BLOG15 edit cart in checkout 😉 )

27 thoughts on “Percy Wins Book Award!

  1. I am so happy for you Mary. This book just looks wonderful. And to include the teacher and parent extra resources, that’s invaluable in itself. Can hardly wait to read the whole book.
    Congratulations again. Keep up the great work.


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