Naughty Dog Stealing Bliss

I’m not usually one to pet shame…h o w e v e r…
While I was working in the office, doing some long overdue scanning. Sailor decided to dash out with a roll of toilet paper. Apparently, he already stole two rolls. Not off the rack either, he opened the cabinet door and took them out of storage.

He was pretty pleased with himself until Tim caught him red-pawed with the third roll, which was saved in the nick of time. Although, it does have some puncture holes for a breezy fresh clean . Careful where you put your fingers.

So here you have it, a teenage boy up to no good with toilet paper.

Sailor TP'd the yard and house. Classic teenager.

Sailor TP’d the yard and house. Classic teenager.


22 thoughts on “Naughty Dog Stealing Bliss

  1. When my previous dog got old and a bit confused he used to go into the toilet and just shred the toilet paper, I still have one roll with his tooth marks , he’s been gone 18 months now 😦


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