Dams of Bliss

When I watch new mama dogs with puppies, I’m struck by their instinctual tenderness while caring for their newborns.

Bliss, 9-weeks-old, taking her place in her family of hunting retrievers.

Bliss, 9-weeks-old, taking her place in her family of hunting retrievers.

We recently brought home our newest puppy addition. This past weekend, I got to thinking of when she has pups. She’ll have to wait until she passes important health clearances and has proven herself as a hunting dog and family companion, so it’ll be at least two years before she becomes a mom.

I personally know many of the “Mamas” on her dam’s side.

I think Bliss will do them proud. I hope you enjoy this gallery of some of the mama retrievers in her lineage. Just click an image to open a larger view.

14 thoughts on “Dams of Bliss

  1. What a wonderful family tradition that Bliss has joined. I love the photographic pedigree; Bliss has a great future with these lovely dogs behind her! Lucky Sailor to have this new friend.


  2. So nice to have this album of our wonderful golden family from way back when. They are such great retrievers and am so happy that you and I have continued on with their legacy, Thank you for sharing all of our golden moments and am thrilled that you and Tim have Sailor and your new little Bliss!


  3. Those are some mighty fine looking dogs!! I am drooling a bit because I am hoping to get a puppy next year (when I retire and can spend time with the little beast). Sure would love a Golden.


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