A Little More of that Back Door Bliss

Today is All Saint’s Day. I once had a wonderful golden retriever with today as her birthday, we named her All Hallow’s Tessa. A well bred, well trained, loveable girl. But this is not about how well she hunted or the number of spirits she lifted when visiting nursing homes and the sick.

This is about how she changed the course of a little boy’s life.

When placing puppies from a litter we scrutinize each possible owner with an application and references. Since our dogs are high energy bird dogs, almost all owners are hunters or families that include dogs in activities.

Such was one new owner, a young boy soon to be 11 years old. He had waited for a puppy and proved to his mom that he was ready. Of course. she knew she would have to provide a safety net. The application was in and approved before the pups were born.

We assist our owners in pup selection. We spend weeks with the pups and know their personalities. Truth be told, the puppies choose. Milo would pick up his puppy last.

I often post photos of pups online so the new owners can watch them grow. Everyone liked the little boy with the blue ribbon, his photos were most commented on.

The day came for pups to go home. One by one the new owner’s came. Each time little blue boy sniffed the air, walked about ten feet from the other pups and just laid down. He was waiting, these were not his people.

Finally Milo came. His mother got out of the car. I will never forget her words, “We have a problem.”

She went on to explain. Milo informed her at breakfast that the little blue boy would be his pup. God told him in a dream.

I smiled. I told her it all worked out, little blue boy waited for Milo.

She grew pale and said, “But we don’t do God.”

I smiled again, “Apparently, Milo does.”

While we spoke, Milo slipped from the car and his puppy met him in the grass.

Milo told us he looked up Tessa’s name and read about All Saint’s Day. So when in his dream, God told him the little blue boy was his puppy, he believed God. His mom was visibly shaken as she took care of the paperwork. Nothing like an awakening to rattle an atheist to the core. Been there. A door had opened, Milo boldly walked through. His mom cautiously followed.

God slipping a little bliss through the back door.

Tessa all ready for a visit. She was an active participant in Rx Pets. She often carried a basket of fun while cheering people.

This  photo was taken a few weeks before she died, spring 2012. Today is the first birthday without her. Many lives were touched by this wonderful girl.

13 thoughts on “A Little More of that Back Door Bliss

    • Thank you, Mary. Tessa lived a good long life. Sixteen is very, very old for a retriever. She was active till the day she passed. She was a joyous girl and reveled in this bliss called life. My heart is at peace, she will be a part of me always.


  1. This is a beautiful story. We dogs know things that humans can’t seem to fathom. And sometimes it’s really hard when we can’t talk and tell you things. It makes me want to dance when things turn out just like they’re supposed to. Tessa is watching. Thanks for sharing this bit of bliss.


  2. What can I say……except, that I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to know Tessa. To sit by her side and give her a nice combing.(every golden loves that!) And those antics, that she has blessed her son, Squire with. They continue to this day. My life was brought back, from the lowest of times, thanks to 2 loving people from California and an outstanding golden girl named Tessa. I can so relate to Milo. For somone once told me……They had my new golden boy, in the palms of their hands. And he had a blaze on his chest, in the shape of a heart! Only Tessa and Hunter, could do that! Beautiful story Mary.:)


  3. Reblogged this on Sneaking Bliss and commented:

    I think we have dogs that all other dogs are compared to. For our girls, Tessa was such a dog. She blessed us with 16.5 years of joyous bliss. Today is the anniversary of her birthday, it’s also All Saints’ Day or All Hallows Day. Tessa touched many lives.


  4. We were blessed to have known Tessa. She gave us the most amazing golden named Miss Augusta Golden Nugget (Gussie) . Tessa was truly one of a kind, we speak of her often with love and respect. Never forgotten, happy birthday Tessa🐾


    • I was amazed at how she hardly greyed. The photo of her standing on the deck was taken only a couple of weeks before she passed. She passed the best of herself on to her offspring. Gussie will be missed too.


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