Wedded Bliss

I just stared at the wall. Painting upon painting. His wall was covered with art.

Some of the art on Tim’s wall 31 years ago. Check out his blog if you would like to see what he is up to today. Tim Livingston – The Forester Artist

I didn’t know this about him, that he was an artist. Apparently, I was the only one who didn’t know. Unlike me while in college, his artistic works were in the open, out there on display for friends and family to see.

About ten months earlier, we met on a blind date. (Don’t ask.) We had mutual friends and at some point, after this botched introduction and continually running into each other, we started dating.

I was already in danger of loosing my heart. The moment I saw he was an artist tipped me over the top.

Six months ago, over 31 years after seeing his wall of art, I picked up brushes and started to learn watercolor. No one was happier for me than Tim that I was learning to paint. Being married to my best friend is one of the greatest blessings in life. The fact that we also share many of the same passions is life’s icing.

You may wonder why it took me so long to pick up brushes. Oh, I toyed with it a few times, but I knew inevitably, people would compare us.

Our relationship is not about comparing.

Sitting in a blind one morning. Our version of dressing up for a date.

Well, we are comparing our WordPress blog world maps. Oh, then the time we took martial arts together and competed for trophies. And he did get the first buck this season. Mine was bigger. I found the biggest nugget on our claim. Although he holds the record for the biggest agate. However, my geode is near the size of a basketball. We both found nice septarian nodules…nonetheless, you get my point.

Asking a spouse or loved one to critique your work is risky. Tim says that asking him to critique my work is like asking him if my butt looks big or if my clothes make me look fat. There is no right answer.

So I joined an online illustrating course, Make Your Splashes – Make Your Marks!, where I am able to learn, hone my skills and participate in critiques.

As for Tim, here are his most expert responses to my most ridiculous question:

Us with a few of our golden retrievers on vacation at Roaring Camp. It’s a great place to learn about gold mining.

Her: Does this make me look fat?
Him: I don’t think it does your body justice.
Him: I don’t think you would like the way it looks.

Yep, wedded bliss.

Happy Birthday Tim –

40 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss

  1. Hi, Just learning how to use WordPress… And great to meet you two… Very inspiring, beautiful couple…I love how you two are best friends for so many years…And what lovely watercolor work!!…. 🙂


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  3. Hi Mary, I just stopped by to see your blog, it’s wornderful. I am already familiar with Tim’s blog. So much talent all in one family. It sounds like you two have a lot of fun together!


  4. duh.. i just put the two of you together! wow, you have that talented young daughter!

    i just returned from two weeks of travel with friends, but look forward to reading more of your posts and admiring your art! what a treasure it is to find husband/wife bloggers who compliment each other. hmmm. maybe there’s a post about that in the future?…

    lisa/z from ecuador


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  6. Dear Mary,
    Congratulations on creating your blog. I am proud that you decided to try your hand at art. It’s wonderful that you and Tim inspire each other. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. You are my 100th Subscriber. I am very excited! I’ll post a blog article today with the details of the winners of free pitch and manuscript critiques. I’ll announce a special gift for you at that time, too.
    Enjoy being you.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


    • Thanks for stopping by. Congratulations on your 100 mark.
      Wow, I didn’t know about the contest! How awesome is that!?
      A little bliss sneaking in on the day.
      I have just started getting to know your blog, and I like what I see so far.
      I look forward to exploring more. 🙂
      – Mary


  7. Huh. I’ve often heard that expression “Love is blind,” but I never realized it was a reference to deer hunting… : P

    Great post, cool couple, and I’m definitely signing up for Tim’s Spousal Reply Diplomacy Course. A very Merry Christmas to you both! : )


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