Frosted Buttercups

butterstar frosted-blossom frosted-buttercup1 frosted-butterstar frosted-butterstar2 frosted-buttercup2

22 thoughts on “Frosted Buttercups

  1. Looking at these as I ate my breakfast left me feeling sunny and bright. As a child, we always did the “buttercup test” to see if good things were coming our way. We’d hold a buttercup under eachothers chin and those whose chins were bathed in golden reflected sunlight were the lucky ones…


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    • No, not any of these, once I take the image for the sake of the image I don’t feel the call to paint it. It is different for me with photos I take as a reference. I would love to see what you come up with, if you want to paint any of them. I really liked your rendering of Blaze and Hunter. 🙂


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