Sweet Nellie Left Us Today

Nellie 2000-2013

Nellie 2000-2013

The house is quiet today. It is the first day in a long time that I do not have a dog by my side in the office.


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15 thoughts on “Sweet Nellie Left Us Today

    • Thanks for the thoughts. They bring so much to us, we will always remember how she was a great friend to her person. Our eldest son misses her a lot. He asked tonight if we will keep a pup from Blitz (Nellie’s daughter) so that in the future he may get one of her offspring.


    • Thank you for your sentiment, I agree. I am contemplating a grandpup from her via her daughter later in the year, but no one will ever be like “Boopie” as our oldest son called her. (she had a lot of nicknames)


  1. I remember well how it feels when your canine friend is no longer by your side. How wonderful are your memories and that she lives on through her offspring. Virtual hugs for you.


  2. Gosh. This is the second sweet departed puppy post I’ve chanced on this morning. Makes my heart hurt for you. And I’m remebering my own dear ones I’ve lost.

    Beautiful pictures.


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