Down the Vulture Hole

The turkey vulture chicks are about 6.5 weeks old. Most large birds fledge around 10 to 11 weeks. Their chick down is giving way to juvenile feathers. The nest is becoming crowded. Their plumage will gradually shift to dark brown. It will be two years before the skin on their bald heads becomes red.
Previously, the chicks just observed and hissed at the GoPro. This time, they lunged at it so it will be the last visit by the GoPro. Soon they will climb out of the deep cavern they call home and begin living in the upper world.

turkey vulture chicks

At 6.5 weeks old the chicks are changing rapidly.

turkey vulture chicks

A little camera shy. The red glow is the GoPro record light.

No Place for UGLY Birds

No Place for UGLY Birds – a picture book about turkey vultures.

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29 thoughts on “Down the Vulture Hole

  1. Thanks Mary for all your work with this ‘tracking’. I’m sure it’s a once in a lifetime happening, so enjoy recording everything you can. You’ll be glad you did in years to come.


    • It is a good thing. The first one I used the full cover housing, in case they vomited – turkey vulture defense – then I braved the vented back to capture the sound they make. I filmed in the morning, hoping they would not have full stomachs to puke. 😉


  2. Dear Mary,
    Thanks for sharing. It’s so much fun to see and learn from a part of nature we’d never see if it wasn’t for you.

    Celebrate you
    Never Give UP
    Joan Y. Edwards


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  4. Good video. Interesting how the smaller one stays behind and lets the big brother do all the talking. It’s probably a good thing you’ll give up the taping, but thanks for the nature lesson up to this point.


    • We have a good view now that they are coming out of the nest cavity. As with most large birds their chicks have a little age separation. The eldest is often larger and more aggressive. Appears to be the case here.
      It is nice to watch and learn as turkey vultures aren’t considered as cool as eagles, hawks and osprey.


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