Timeout for Art: Tomboy


She has a little bit of attitude and a great sense of adventure. I just need to name her! Tomboy with lizard. pencil by MaryᴀLivingston

I don’t have a name for her yet, but a new character I am working on is starting to grow on me. Must be Timeout for Art Thursday.

14 thoughts on “Timeout for Art: Tomboy

  1. Your lizard seems a bit impertinent. If you’re naming the lizard… Cheeky or Sassy. If you’re naming the tomboy, I like Lily for a tomboy, but she’d hate it and wants to be called “Bug” or “Liz” for her lizard friends, or Sam (Samantha). How fun. Good luck.


  2. Love the sketch… girls with a frog in their pocket spells troubles! If you call them pretty, you get punched in the stomach 😛 My first love (Missy) made me kiss her pet snake before I was allowed to kiss her – I did 😐 … ok then, that’s probably more than you wanted to know


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