Timeout for Art: Tomboy


She has a little bit of attitude and a great sense of adventure. I just need to name her! Tomboy with lizard. pencil by MaryᴀLivingston

I don’t have a name for her yet, but a new character I am working on is starting to grow on me. Must be Timeout for Art Thursday.

Through a Child’s Eyes Friends


Friends Girl with her dog

Friends Through a Child’s Eyes –  in pencil, by Maryᴀ Livingston

Check out Timeout for Art: Through A Child’s Eyes by ‘Z’ over at Zeebra Designs and Destinations.

Vulture Chick & Wood Duck – birds of a different feather

Vulture Chick and Wood Duck Hen in pencil.

– Vulture Chick and Wood Duck Hen in pencil.

“Z” at Zeebra Designs put out a call for Timeout for Art. Here is a pencil sketch inspired by a recent visitor to the turkey vulture nest.
What happens when a wood duck invades a vulture nest?
Video tomorrow.