Rainbow Bliss

rainbow bliss

Spring storm breaks for a little rainbow bliss in my backyard.

Stalking Butterflies

I wrapped up Kinta stalking butterflies. Try as he might to catch them, the pipevine swallowtails were too quick for him. He is now six months old, a gawky age for a pup. His rabies titer is done and he will be clear to go home in September. We’re going to miss him around here. He’s full of play and snuggles.

Stalking Butterflies

Stalking Butterflies

Whimsday Bliss – My Backyard

Morning inspiration as the sunrise rises over our home, illuminating our view. I love where I live.

Morning inspiration as the sunrise rises over our home, illuminating our view. I love where I live. Okay, I confess. This is a phone picture. I wanted to check out the panorama feature on the new phone. Angle of view…I figure about 270.



Digital Kids Books Privacy Policy – Clear as Mud – Children’s Book Academy

I’ve got a new post up over at Children’s Book Academy, I’d love to know what you think. Digital Kids Books Privacy Policy – Clear as Mud – Children’s Book Academy.

Whimsday Bliss – Stalking Butterflies WIP

As I started to wrangle my week under control, I slipped out on a break to snap some shots of the pipevine swallowtails. I had company. Neither of us got what we were after. Here’s a start to Kinta stalking butterflies on newly blossomed Blue dicks.

WIP - Kinta stalking butterflies

WIP – Kinta stalking butterflies

Whimsday Bliss – Back Again Next Week

Water heater died, car in the shop and the accountant needs more documents for taxes…now that puts a pinch on bliss.

Catch you next week.

Golden Retriever stuffed toy

Sailor’s advice – Find a lovey and snuggle up for a nap.

Whimsday Bliss – Vuture Visit

Our California drought is getting bouts of wild wet weather. Over the weekend through Monday we received 4 inches of rain at our place. It was accompanied by high winds and power outages.

On Tuesday we heard barking on the deck, however no dog was in view. Sailor was under the deck, barking up a storm. Kinta kept trying to go under the deck and Blitz kept sniffing it in a search pattern she uses for bird hunting.

We didn’t give it much thought, then yesterday morning I blocked the under deck access enough to keep the dogs out and still allow the cat or whatever else was hiding to egress. Sure enough, look who wondered out…

He or she was soaked and tattered. A friend from Shasta Wildlife Rescue stopped by to pick up a donation and we observed the turkey vulture together. It looked old and a bit bedraggled, but appeared to be getting drier and stronger. This time of year, birds are fighting over nesting spots. Perhaps this one took a dunk in the pond during one such struggle, and then took shelter under the deck while the storms passed.

Dogs, being dogs, found it and sounded the alarm. Who knows, perhaps they plucked a feather or two. Lucky dogs, the vulture didn’t vomit. That’s the usual defense mechanism.

Once dried, the turkey vulture safely made its way into a tree to roost for the night. Tap on the any image and enjoy the slide show.