Lions, Deer, and Bears Oh Mine

We originally set up hidden cams at various locations to catch claim jumpers. It’s a nice treat to capture the local critter population. Here is a sampling of what passed through the last 2 weeks. Of course, panning a little bling with my Tim is pure bliss.

mountain lion

Mountain lions call this area home.

black-tail deer

Doe passing through.

buck and doe

Black tail deer, a doe along with a buck still growing his antlers for the season.

Young black Bear

Definitely a young black bear. Most likely about a year old.

black bear

Black bears also come in cinnamon. The size of this one suggests a sow or a young boar.

A big black bear boar, no doubt checking for wild blackberries.

A big black bear boar , no doubt checking for wild blackberries.

31 thoughts on “Lions, Deer, and Bears Oh Mine

  1. That’s pretty amazing. I really enjoyed looking at the photographs. The animals were just being themselves. Most photographs we see of animals, the animal knows you’re there and they’re looking at you, warily or with fear or anger. These animals are just participating in life, coming and going. I really like it. Thank you for thinking to share these with us.


  2. Fantastic captures of these wonderful creatures just wandering through Mary . What a great little place out of the way for you and Tim to enjoy nature going on all round you .


  3. Wow, you just never know whose coming to dinner! I love seeing nature in its own element, w/o a care and no one to both them. It’s great – reminds me of Maine!


  4. You guys rock! It is wonderful to be reminded of the fact that this still exists somewhere, USA. My daughter and son-in-law are watching a fox and her young, deer and on the “eye” for seeing a bobcat rumored to be in their area. The bobcat was photographed about a mile from where they live. Thank you for posting these.


  5. Wonderful pictures. A shame they’re always walking AWAY!! You never know which direction they’ll come from though. So wonderful, nature.


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