Make Yourself At Home, I Made Turkey

Apparently, Tim’s cooking today…


To show my appreciation for all of you out there, I made you a turkey.  Enjoy, it’s a guilt free turkey with zero calories, it’s vegan and it won’t give you gas.  Thank you all for stopping by.

On a side note I managed to loosen up my painting a bit with this turkey.  After the attempt with the bluebird post I had to take drastic measures.  The secret technique I devised involved a bottle of Petite Sarah and while watching Dancing With the Stars.  Please don’t tell anyone.  No self-respecting Forester Artist should be caught doing such a thing.  However, it did loosen up my brush!

No turkeys were harmed in the making of this post.  Sorry, I can’t say the same for dinner.

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Grammar Groove

Grammar Fail from FB, classic there-they're-their mix up, should be "they are" The Meta Picture needs grammargroove

Grammar Fail from FB, classic there-they’re-their mix up, should be “they are” The Meta Picture needs Grammar Groove!


Sunrise Bliss



I love where I live. It’s the perfect time to be a morning person. Simply bliss. 🙂

Tail Wagging Bliss


Reading With Rhythm

The impish look comes right before the paper shred. Don’t worry Rhythm, the book was saved in the nick of time!

Friendship Bliss


Sneaking a little bliss with Tim's pens... shhh, he doesn't know :)

Sneaking a little bliss with Tim’s pens… shhh, he doesn’t know 🙂

Hero’s Art Journey Class has made me FIERCE!

Meet one of my classmates from Hero’s Art Journey. Her brave heart is inspiring. Fierce bliss indeed!

Angie Karcher

I am ending a 5 week art course on Friday with Mira Reisberg and Maya Gonzalez called Hero’s Art Journey.  For nearly 5 weeks, we have been studying, listening, watching webinars and creating art.  The one thing not listed in the description for the class was the bonding that would take place with the other class participants and our instructors.

Daily, we create then post our work for everyone in the class to view and comment.  I have no art background. I am a writer.  So, I had nothing at all to lose and never compared myself to the well established artists in the class. It is a wonderful mixture of beginner and professional artists.

Maya kept telling us that everyone is an artist.  We have learned to believe her. We post the art, many comment with kind words, encouragement and cheering, from this strange new world called facebook.  Our…

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Puppy Bliss

Golden Retriever Puppy

Saturday Night Kintaro of Akiyama – Kinta helps me haul firewood.

Meet Saturday Night Kintaro of Akiyama. We call him Kinta. He will be a guest at our home for several months before he is able to join his family in Japan.

Japan is a rabies free country. Kinta was born in Montana, USA. The US is not a rabies free country. He comes from Saturday Night Golden Retrievers.

The procedure goes something like this, Kinta will receive a rabies vaccination as soon as he is old enough. Then he will receive a booster a month later. A month after that, his blood will be tested for rabies titers. If his titer level is high enough, he then must wait for six months before going home. Once in Japan, he will be observed for several hours prior to being released to his family. He will also undergo many other health certifications prior to getting a green light to breed. It is a lengthy process.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Kinta checks out the pond. He’ll be swimming in no time.

Our friends Noriko and Yoshi are very dear to us, so we are happy to assist them with a foster home for Kintaro. We have fostered two other pups for them, Sakurako and Jutaro. Noriko and Yoshi are dedicated breeders of competitive golden retrievers in Japan. They take care to select genetically sound parent stock.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Kinta enjoys some Northern California sunshine.

For the next 10 months or so, I will get to enjoy, train, and share the love of a good pup. His family will visit from time to time, we take care to be sure he knows them and knows their scent.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Handsome boy watches down the driveway… are those quail he sees?

Golden Retriever Puppy

Kinta on the move – this is his standard pose.

Here are a few shots and a quick watercolor sketch of Kintaro.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Saturday Night Kintaro of Akiyama – watercolor by MaryALivingston

Thank You For Your Service, Veterans


There has been a magazine for everything.  I was able to scan this one because a dear friend and World War II US Army vet provided it to me.  Walter helped operate these big cannons in the Pacific during the war.  He saved this magazine cover from that time, because this was his gun.  The AAA or anti-aircraft artillery operated in a four gun configuration with all guns wired into a targeting computer.  Walter ran the range finder for the operation, which determined how long the fuses were set to burn.  Once the fuses were set and a targeting solution was set in the computer the guns moved in unison to find their target.

Seeing this meant a lot to me, because my Dad did the same job on the 90 MM version of this cannon.  He was in a Marine defense battalion in the Pacific during WWII.

So today thank a vet for his or…

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Creative Bliss

It’s Picture Book Idea Month again!