Hero’s Art Journey Class has made me FIERCE!

Meet one of my classmates from Hero’s Art Journey. Her brave heart is inspiring. Fierce bliss indeed!

Angie Karcher

I am ending a 5 week art course on Friday with Mira Reisberg and Maya Gonzalez called Hero’s Art Journey.  For nearly 5 weeks, we have been studying, listening, watching webinars and creating art.  The one thing not listed in the description for the class was the bonding that would take place with the other class participants and our instructors.

Daily, we create then post our work for everyone in the class to view and comment.  I have no art background. I am a writer.  So, I had nothing at all to lose and never compared myself to the well established artists in the class. It is a wonderful mixture of beginner and professional artists.

Maya kept telling us that everyone is an artist.  We have learned to believe her. We post the art, many comment with kind words, encouragement and cheering, from this strange new world called facebook.  Our…

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