Final Reveal, Almost

My art is back from the framer. I’d say that Image West did a fabulous job. Worth every penny. We are happy with the results.

For the uninitiated, Tim and I have our own personal art competition each year at the annual Lumberjack Auction Dinner hosted by Sierra Cascade Logging Conference. This auction benefits the education programs of Sierra-Cascade Environmental and Resource Fund, a charity near and dear to our hearts. The originals will be on display at the Red Tail Publishing booth during the conference.

I have to tell you, not doing a final reveal today is killing me. I promised to keep the inspiration for this piece confidential until the auction on Friday night. So here is all you get today. Last year Tim trounced me. I’m hoping for a bit of redemption. I sure hope that keeping this close to the vest doesn’t give him an edge in our competition.

“_____ _____ Heritage”
By Mary A Livingston
Original Watercolor.

______ Heritage
Original Watercolor by Mary A Livingston



Catching my Breath…What a Ride!

Wow! I’m stunned. When I catch my breath I’ll have more to say. Check out Tim’s post on the auction art competition for forestry education…

The Sierra Cascade Logging Conference is all over, but for the clean up. The Forestry Education Fund Auction was last night and it was a booming success. The final result of the entire fund-raiser was north of $100,000. Now if you’ve been following our blogs, you know that Mary (Sneaking Bliss) and I provide original art, […]

via Auction Results … HOLY CRAP! — THE FORESTER ARTIST

And the Winner Is

Recap: Tim and I each donated an original framed piece of art for the Forestry Education Auction held at the Lumberjack Dinner, 2016 Sierra Cascade Logging Conference.

Going head to head. What married couple doesn't thrive on a little friendly competition?

Going head to head. What married couple doesn’t thrive on a little friendly competition?

The auctioneer explained that bidders would bid, not knowing which piece other bidders were bidding on. The winner would have the option of buying both, each at the high bid price. If both weren’t taken, the second place bidder had the option of the “left-over” piece. If not taken then, the “left-over” would go back out on live auction.

The auctioneer brought us both to the front of the audience with our pieces and asked me to say something about my piece, but before I could answer, Tim said his piece was “…for the children.”

How do I top that? “For the children.” Really, Tim?

With that introduction, the bidding started and rapidly climbed over $2,000. This was pretty exciting. Since Tim began donating art to this auction, his pieces typically sell for $700 to $960. Clearly we were in new territory.

Soon the bidding narrowed down to two competitors, head to head.



back again


The auctioneer sat Tim at one bidder table, me at the other. I knew the guy bidding at my table and taunted him to bid more, for the children of course.

Up the price went



SOLD for $2,700!

Then the moment of truth was revealed.

"Uncle Sam" mixed media by Tim Livingston rocked the competition, scoring $2,700 for Forestry Education.

“Uncle Sam” mixed media by Tim Livingston rocked the competition, scoring $2,700 for Forestry Education.

Tim’s “Uncle Sam” was the winning art. Both top bidders wanted Tim’s piece so, my “left-over” went back on the block for bidding.






"Food Chain" watercolor by Mary A Livingston sold for $1,200 to support Forestry Education. Not bad for "left-overs."

“Food Chain” watercolor by Mary A Livingston sold for $1,200 to support Forestry Education. Not bad for “left-overs.”

Hmph. Apparently, I need to step up my game.

Tim soundly kicked my behind.

All in all, we’re pretty stoked that between both pieces of art at the live auction, and the autographed books at the silent auction our contributions brought in over $4,000 to Forestry Education.

Competitive success!