Ducks Ahoy

Saturday Night RedTail Ducks Ahoy - Sailor

Saturday Night RedTail Ducks Ahoy – Sailor 



Behind the Scene: Making a Splash

Timing, timing, timing…anyone who’s a photo shooter knows how important timing is. Years ago, I only shot manual cameras without an auto-winder and my shot timing benefitted from the experience. Fast forward to today, there’s no film advance lever on modern digital SLR cameras. (I’m not so sure the younger generation knows what a film advance lever is.) We have single shot and continuous modes. I find that with continuous shooting, I just start shooting…and miss that fine tuned finesse of catching just the right shot.

Sailor offers reference photo display.

Sailor offers reference photo for Making a Splash.

Here’s a reference photo that missed the mark.The water splashed up, right before Sailor locked his gaze in on the retrieve. I was hoping for the lock. The next shot has the lock, but not the dynamic splash.
Solution, an artist interpretation of the not so right shot. Thus was the beginning of the Making a Splash series of Sailor.
Here’s the process to the final piece of Making a Splash part 1.

Sailor's always ready to go!

Sailor’s always ready to go!

Sailor says,
“Let’s go again!”