Grandkids – Family Portrait

I love doing art projects with our grandchildren. I especially enjoy adorning mugs with their masterpieces for our morning coffee enjoyment.

This year, they each drew a full body self-portrait along with the rest of their household. This little beauty became a wrap around mug with each of our little ones contributing their part.

Tim and I enjoy our morning coffee time…and having their art as a part of our morning ritual is bliss indeed.

Family Portrait by our grandkids.

Family Portrait by our grandkids.



Here’s another Squirrel Appreciation post! Nice job Teresa!

Teresa Robeson 何顥思

Mary Livingston ( told me that today is Squirrel Appreciation Day, so go forth and love a squirrel today! I would not recommend trying to hug one, however….

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It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Who knew? Squirrel Appreciation Day!


What! Didn’t you hear it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day, January 21st. Our blogger friend Linda Martin Anderson alerted me to this important day in her blog at A Writer’s Playground. Check it out. A kid friendly blog with every special day of the month to discover.

Gray sqirrel, pen, ink, pen and ink,pen & ink, drawing, wildlife Giving the look!

While winding down a steep mountain road two hunting seasons ago, this little scamp was gathering nuts. I surprised him and he ran up a large black oak tree. Just a short way up the tree he turned and gave me “the look.” He was sure I was coveting his nuts! Then he berated me as best he could with an acorn in his mouth. So I shot him. Sorry, I meant to say, I shot his picture with my Nikon. You can see it here, Forestry Friday … It’s The Time Of The Season For Squirrels.

The print of this…

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Ducks Ahoy

Saturday Night RedTail Ducks Ahoy - Sailor

Saturday Night RedTail Ducks Ahoy – Sailor 



Behind the Scene: Making a Splash

Timing, timing, timing…anyone who’s a photo shooter knows how important timing is. Years ago, I only shot manual cameras without an auto-winder and my shot timing benefitted from the experience. Fast forward to today, there’s no film advance lever on modern digital SLR cameras. (I’m not so sure the younger generation knows what a film advance lever is.) We have single shot and continuous modes. I find that with continuous shooting, I just start shooting…and miss that fine tuned finesse of catching just the right shot.

Sailor offers reference photo display.

Sailor offers reference photo for Making a Splash.

Here’s a reference photo that missed the mark.The water splashed up, right before Sailor locked his gaze in on the retrieve. I was hoping for the lock. The next shot has the lock, but not the dynamic splash.
Solution, an artist interpretation of the not so right shot. Thus was the beginning of the Making a Splash series of Sailor.
Here’s the process to the final piece of Making a Splash part 1.

Sailor's always ready to go!

Sailor’s always ready to go!

Sailor says,
“Let’s go again!”

Making a Splash

Sailor on the retrieve in watercolor.

Sailor on the retrieve in watercolor.

Common Goldeneye


Common Goldeneye on our pond this morning.

Common Goldeneye on our pond this morning.