Stalking Butterflies

I wrapped up Kinta stalking butterflies. Try as he might to catch them, the pipevine swallowtails were too quick for him. He is now six months old, a gawky age for a pup. His rabies titer is done and he will be clear to go home in September. We’re going to miss him around here. He’s full of play and snuggles.

Stalking Butterflies

Stalking Butterflies

10 thoughts on “Stalking Butterflies

  1. He looks very stealthy … but it’s an impossible ‘capture’ 😉 can well imagine you will miss him .
    Lovely watercolour Mary .


  2. Mary,
    I think this would make great art for a kid’s room or on a set of greeting cards. Do love it! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s terrific that the butterflies, color, and flowers share the same color too. it ties them together.


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