Wood Duck Invades Vuture Nest – Ghost Babies Fight Back

The turkey vulture nest gets visitors from time to time. An occasional nuthatch or raccoon as seen in Night Visitor pass through. This week, wood ducks have been landing on and peering into the cavity of the turkey vulture nest.

Much to my surprise, a brave hen decided to leap inside.
We lowered a GoPro to get a duck’s eye view of the chicks. My friend Rhythm calls them “ghost babies.”

Having all of this in my backyard is pure bliss. 🙂

Wood Duck Flock

– In the spring wood ducks flock to the pond. They often feed in the grasses and on sprouting acorns under the oaks. © Maryᴀ Livingston

Wood Duck Drake

– A beautiful view from my office desk of a wood duck drake. © MaryA Livingston

Wood Duck Hen

– A wood duck hen on the pond in my backyard.© Maryᴀ Livingston

Vulture chicks

Turkey Vulture Chicks at 5 weeks – © Maryᴀ Livingston

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Vulture Chick & Wood Duck – birds of a different feather

Vulture Chick and Wood Duck Hen in pencil.

– Vulture Chick and Wood Duck Hen in pencil.

“Z” at Zeebra Designs put out a call for Timeout for Art. Here is a pencil sketch inspired by a recent visitor to the turkey vulture nest.
What happens when a wood duck invades a vulture nest?
Video tomorrow.