Forestry Friday … The Real Buddy

Buddy’s back!


Buddy and the Magic Chicken Treeis the second installment about Buddy the wolverine.  Here is a sample from the upcoming story.  It is written by author illustrator MaryA Livingston and wildlife biologist Amanda Shufelberger.  It is illustrated by me, Tim Livingston.

Buddy, the Wayward Wolverine,published by Red Tail Publishing in 2013, is a fantastical story of a real wolverine.

Buddy is the subject of Forestry Friday, because he was original discovered during forestry research projects.  One carnivore study run by wildlife biologist Amanda Shufelberger inventories carnivores on private forestland.  The data is used to ensure that proper forest management techniques are implemented to protect and enhance carnivore habitat.

Buddy presence was first discovered in 2008.  His DNA places his roots in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.  We can only imagine how Buddy got to California – Buddy, the Wayward Wolverine.  These are some of the videos…

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