It’s…Fasten Your Seat Belt Friday!

I’m guest blogger today at RhyPiBoMo! Come on over and check it out…

Angie Karcher

It’s Fasten Your Seat Belt Friday!



What does that mean? Well, we are 6 days in and it’s not going to get any easier!  Poetry is not for the weak of heart!


I’m sure, at this point, some of you are reconsidering your choice to be here and that’s okay. These lessons are time consuming and involved if you are doing absolutely everything offered here. I don’t expect that you are, nor should you expect that of yourself. You should make it what works for you.


I felt your same frustration weeks ago when I began writing these lessons. I promise they are as tight as I could get them and still give a full explanation of the concepts. We won’t even talk about all the exceptions to the rules! Think of RhyPiBoMo as a buffet…take what you like, try a few things you’ve never tasted…

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