Wildfire Weekend

So much damage from a lone, irresponsible person…not much bliss to sneak for the families burned out by this fire.


wildfire, forest fire A wildfire broke out west of town Friday afternoon.

Last Friday I posted Storm Clouds Brewing and talked about lightning and wildfire. Then Friday afternoon an aggressive wildfire broke out west of town. However, this fire wasn’t caused by lightning, it was caused because of an illegal marijuana grow.

wildfire, forest fire, lighting It formed a huge column and began building it’s own thunder cloud.

air tanker, fire fighting, wildfire, forest fire The fire crews were scrambled and the air-tankers took to the air.

The thing is, Mary and I were planning a weekend away camping in our trailer at our favorite spot. The problem was, the fire was less then five miles from our camp where we had already staged our trailer. We made the decision to retrieve our trail while the fire was relatively small, only 300 acres.

wildfire, forest fire As we approached camp the sky became angrier.

wildfire, forest fire After reaching camp, we packed everything, hooked up the trailer and pulled out. The…

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3 thoughts on “Wildfire Weekend

    • We have enough problems in our area with lightning strikes. But this fire is human caused by a man driving a truck into dry grass while delivering fertilizer to his illegal marijuana grow. Insult to injury, his bail was only 10K. So far 8 homes are lost several more threatened. Multiple injuries. Thankfully no deaths so far. This morning the official report is 8,700 acres and growing.


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