My Husband’s Mother

Six boys in under seven years. The fact that she still has her sanity is proof she has been sneaking bliss.

Everywhere I look, I see evidence of naysayers being cast aside.
Little expressions of what brings her joy are on display in this corner or that.
Mementos from family trips.
Her family wall of portraits, young and old.
A shelf full of children’s books.
Her garden is a masterpiece transformed to greatness by her culinary prowess. Yes, she is that good.
Perhaps the greatest evidence of bliss is a beautiful trillium painting, her painting, hanging in the den.

The most recent picture of us. She graciously tagged along while I was shooting research pictures at San Francisco Zoo. Tim snapped a few shots with his phone.

I treasure her presence in my life. Not only because she is the mother of the man who holds my heart, but the woman to woman wisdom she brings to our relationship is immeasurable. I have benefited greatly from her experience.

It is only fitting that every so often her birthday occurs on Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday Mom,

“Trillium” by Norma Livingston

22 thoughts on “My Husband’s Mother

  1. I am so lucky to have a wonderful family, My sons brought me such amazing daughter-in-laws and I feel like you are my own. I love you all very much and are so thankful that you are mine. Mom


  2. “Six boys in under seven years.” Oh my god!, and she lived to tell about it. An amazing woman! My mother would have said, “Good stock”;) On top of that she paints and she gardens! That’s probably what has kept her sane. God bless her and her family. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a great Thanksgiving and send a Happy Birthday to her from all of us!


    • There is no magic here, we both actively choose the path of getting along. We take time to nurture our relationship beyond our common bond – my husband/her son. We are different women, but we respect and love each other for who we are, as we are. 🙂


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