Wolf at the Door

Tim shared a map with me this morning while we were having our morning coffee. It is a map of OR7’s travels in Northern California. OR7 is the first known wild gray wolf to enter the state since 1924.

Map of OR7's path in California

Map of OR7’s path in California. Downloaded from CDFW. (formerly DFG)

What is so special about this map? Take a closer look…

Blue path - the wolf. Red dot - Our House

Blue path – the wolf.
Red dot – Our House

The red dot is our house. So I checked OR7s California Blog (yes, there is a blog). The timing of his visit to our neck of the woods was January 7 – 8. They don’t provide real time tracking, we all find out after the fact.

Odd that this lone wolf would venture into populated areas.

Perhaps he has traveled into more populated areas looking for a mate. Since he is the first wolf to enter the state, there are no wild females for him to service. The domesticated bitches probably smell just as good when they are in season.

Something to think about. It is not the “Golden-ORe” I would be looking for. 😉

OR7 has since returned to Oregon. Here is more on OR7