Turkey Vulture Rendezvous


I can’t help but notice, a few followers have dropped off since I started the turkey vulture posts. There is more to come, and on Friday, I will reveal why I have been stalking turkey vultures.

In the meantime, I must get a better system for surveillance. I mounted an old video surveillance camera to view the turkey vulture nest tree in our backyard.

The video is bad at its best. As a backup, I mounted a wildlife cam on a ladder near the nest cavity. Today, the nesting pair gave quite the display. The footage is highly pixelated with poor image quality in general.

I headed out to retrieve the SD card out of the wildlife cam, but it was knocked askew sometime before the mating.

Any suggestions are welcome for a product that will allow us all to view this pair. They should start incubating eggs soon. Typically, their chicks start to fledge mid June around our area.

I know, I know, somewhere in here is bliss, but who can find it amongst the low res pixilation?

I thought about not posting this video, but figured some of you reading this post might have some suggestions.

Here is the video, great content, lousy quality.