Dr. Jean’s Callie – A Vet’s Pet

I remember when I first met Dr. Jean. A one-week-old little puppy wriggled his way from his mama’s warmth. When I found him, he was cold and too lethargic to nurse. I tucked him under my shirt, against my warm skin, and drove to the vet’s office.

Dr. Jean was new to the practice and in all truth, she didn’t look old enough to be in college, let alone be through veterinary school. Her youthful appearance was soon shadowed by her knowledge, skill and compassion. Thanks to Dr. Jean, a few months later, the healthy little pup went home with his forever family.

Over the years, we’ve shared joys, laughter, and tears as she has cared for our pets.

I’d like to introduce you to Callie. The faithful companionship Callie gives to Dr. Jean shows in the way Dr. Jean cares for family pets.

When I learned that Dr. Jean was to move from our area, I knew I wanted to give her a painting of Callie. It wasn’t easy to sneak Callie from her office so that I could take reference pictures, as Dr. Jean often checked in on her girl. With the assistance of the office staff, I was able to get the pics.

Although we miss Dr. Jean and Callie, we know her new community is blessed to have her skill, wisdom, and compassion.

The Livingston household and pack wish them much joy and success.